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Watercress and new potato Gratin

A true delicacy local to Hampshire that is perfectly at home in the waters around the Solent. Watercress grows in abundance in the crystal clear chalk streams of the River Test and Itchen which flow into the Solent.

Nutricious, full flavour, and easy for yachts as everything can be done in one dish
Total preparation time 10 minutes and cooking time 35 minutes

IMG_6719 (1)

Ingredients – serves 4:
(can be purchased from fruit & vegetable store and local supermarket)

Recommend serving with Poultry or Pork.


Recipe Contributor : GN Espace.


GN Espace is made up of keen sailors who have been fortunate enough to combine their passion for sailing with their love of food.

The Company specialises in producing marine cookers and associated galley products for all sizes of yachts.

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